Pop Stars in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Rated on a Scale from David Bowie to Mick Jagger

This past weekend, Justin Timberlake totally failed to rock our dystopian future in In Time. But the man who brought sexy back is by no means the weakest singer-turned-actor ever to grace science fiction and fantasy — not by any means. The history of SF and fantasy is littered with tons of musician roles and cameos,… »10/31/11 5:11pm10/31/11 5:11pm

Science fiction heroes who tried to abuse patent law

If you're smart, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about visiting other universes or traveling through time is "file a ton of patents." After all, just because someone else invented something, doesn't mean you can't patent it, if you get there first. Reverse-engineering is still a kind of engineering,… »2/10/11 6:39pm2/10/11 6:39pm

ChooseThe Next Scifi Classic To Get The Comedy Remake Treatment

Now that Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner are remaking The Incredible Shrinking Man as a comedy, maybe we'll see the start of a trend of comedy remakes of scifi classics. After all, a version of The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Martin Lawrence probably wouldn't be any sillier than the "serious" Keanu Reeves version… »4/23/08 3:03pm4/23/08 3:03pm