The Monday Commentary Twack: Choose your poison

We're back, taking it to the tweets and tearing an unsuspecting Netflix-able movie a new one. And, once again, you guys decide which film gets to feel our collective wrath. » 7/12/10 12:40pm 7/12/10 12:40pm

Relive the Human-Machine War with Matrix Concept Art

Even if you prefer to pretend that the latter Matrix movies don't exist, you can still appreciate these gloomy pieces of concept art from The Matrix trilogy, filled with sinister machines and the interminable levels of the human city Zion. » 12/14/09 7:40am 12/14/09 7:40am

The Most Expensive Movies Of The Past Decade

The 2009 summer movie season ended, with a record-breaking box office. But 2009 will also go down as the year with the most movies that cost $200 million or more. We've compiled the most expensive movies of the past decade. » 9/21/09 12:04pm 9/21/09 12:04pm