Why I love Sam Kieth, the most grounded madman in comic books

Since the 1980s, comic artist and Maxx creator Sam Kieth has been one of medium's finest spinners of tripped-out phantasmagoria. Here, Anna Breslaw looks back, forward, and directly at Kieth and discusses why his works have resonated with her over the years. » 1/13/12 2:45pm 1/13/12 2:45pm

Scifi movie posters from an alternate universe

Somewhere in a universe not unlike our own, David Carradine starred in Blade Runner, Sidney Poitier played Morpheus to Bruce Lee's Neo, Tim Curry got his own Joker movie, and Robo Cop was a 1970s porno. » 8/21/10 10:35am 8/21/10 10:35am

The Maxx And The Head Are Finally Coming To DVD

Wonderful news! MTV is finally giving its great animation from the 1990s the tribute it deserves. The Maxx and The Head are coming back, on DVD. Rally your furry jungle bikinis and purple aliens! » 12/03/09 6:30am 12/03/09 6:30am