The Weinsteins looking to make TV shows based on Sin City and The Mist

Producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are looking to scripted television to increase their media offerings, and they have several scripted shows in the works. Among the TV series we could be seeing from the Weinstein Company in the near future: a Sin City series and a Frank Darabont-led miniseries based on The Mist. » 12/01/13 9:30am 12/01/13 9:30am

Do authors ever prefer the movie to their own book?

It's common to say that the book is always better than the movie, but sometimes that isn't true. Occasionally, a movie will come along that transforms its source material into something greater than the original. But how often do authors feel that a film adaptation has truly trumped their own work? » 5/05/13 7:00am 5/05/13 7:00am

io9's 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time

What is the scariest science fiction or fantasy film of all time? Which movies stand above the rest off all horror flicks as the most terrifying? » 10/25/11 1:40pm 10/25/11 1:40pm

Bradley Cooper thinks he's caught the serial killer of the century on camera. But what he discovers is infinitely worse, and severely bloody. Based off a short…

Drew Struzan's amazing poster art for Back To The Future and more!

For many movie fans, Drew Struzan is the definitive poster artist. His work has brought film series like Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Hellboy to glorious life. But his work on the Back To The Future films remains our favorite. » 10/06/10 11:30am 10/06/10 11:30am

Weirdest Movies Ever Released On Thanskgiving Weekend

You might think it's odd that The Road and Ninja Assassin both came out just in time for Turkey Day. But those aren't the only counter-intuitive movies that studios have put out for Thanksgiving — here's a complete list. » 11/26/09 10:00am 11/26/09 10:00am

The Mist's True Horror Exists Only In Bernie Wrightson's Mind

We weren't thrilled » 7/28/08 12:46pm 7/28/08 12:46pm by , last winter's movie of Stephen King's killer-drizzle story. But when we stumbled on this concept art for the film by co-creator Bernie Wrightson, we started to get excited about what Frank Darabont's movie could have been if it had had a little more Guillermo Del Toro on there. Just check…

New Television Series Examines Life Without Humans

Movies like The Mist, I Am Legend, and Cloverfield depict aliens, monsters from the briny deep, and superviruses hell-bent on driving people out of the cities and off the face of the Earth. But what would really happen tomorrow if everyone suddenly vanished today? A new series on the History Channel called Life After… » 1/16/08 2:00pm 1/16/08 2:00pm

Mist Mutations Are the Latest Fashion in Hollywood

Stephen King's The Mist is vaporizing from theaters left and right, but there's already another fog-shrouded mutant mist movie heading to your multiplex. Night & Fog, which is in production with Myriad Pictures, has a very familiar-sounding plot: military experiment on a remote island results in monsters in the mist.… » 12/06/07 8:45am 12/06/07 8:45am

The Mist's Brutal, Controversial Ending

The Mist hit theaters Wednesday, and it's been widely circulated that director Frank Darabont's ending in the movie differed vastly from Stephen King's ending to the novella it's based on. But King loves the new ending so much that he opined:
» 11/23/07 7:00am 11/23/07 7:00am

Well Mr. King, you'd better get your rope ready. Needless to say, spoilers…

Stephen King's The Mist Remains Hazy

By now you've probably seen the trailer a hundred times where a bleeding man comes stumbling into a grocery store screaming, "There's something in the mist!" The same guy could have stumbled onto a boat in Jaws » 11/21/07 9:00am 11/21/07 9:00am and said, "There's something in the water!" So yes, isn't exactly breaking into new territory plot-wise:…

Apocalyptic Weather Hits LA, Movie Producers Take Credit

The producers of The Mist claimed credit for a "dense foggy mist" that swamped Los Angeles on Monday evening. The fog shut down one of two arrival runways at LAX, forcing the cancellation of a dozen flights. Police blamed one traffic fatality on the freak weather. So it may not have been the best plan for the… » 11/21/07 5:30am 11/21/07 5:30am

Murder As Entertainment In Darabont's Future Reality Project

Frank Darabont recently let it slip that he owns the rights to The Long Walk, which was a short story included in Stephen King's The Bachman Books back in 1979. It's an extremely dark tale set in the near future about a new form of entertainment that has the whole country held in rapt attention, and serves as a… » 11/13/07 12:00pm 11/13/07 12:00pm

Video Evidence Tells You Not To Walk Into The Mist

Whenever someone says "DON'T DO X!" in a movie, where X is go into an abandoned building, open a mystical old book, or walk into a creepy mist, you know someone just has to do it. Of course, we have the advantage of knowing that The Mist is bad from the get go, but come on people .. it's a freaky mist from out of… » 11/09/07 12:33pm 11/09/07 12:33pm