The cast of Bryan Fuller's Munsters remake look like normal people, not monsters

Here it is, the very first image from Bryan Fuller's Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. The cast looks — well, like a random group of good looking people. Now we understand why they cast Jerry O'Connell as Herman Munster — no giant head needed. Because this is the house of photogenic monsters. »7/24/12 7:30pm7/24/12 7:30pm

The Star Trek sequel casts a science fiction legend. Plus tons of spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas special!

Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer's The Munsters reboot might be nothing like you expect. Michael Shannon talks playing General Zod against a green screen. Tom Hiddleston reveals his favorite scene in The Avengers. Plus the latest on Jurassic Park 4! »12/06/11 9:00am12/06/11 9:00am

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