Spot Fringe's Observer On Your Street And Through Time

Keep your eyes peeled for spice-loving bald men this week, especially if you live in New York, L.A., Atlanta, Boston or Chicago. It's Fringe's Observer week. To celebrate, see if you can pick him out of these historical pictures. » 11/16/09 10:00am 11/16/09 10:00am

What Is The Observer Trying To Tell Us About American Idol?

If you paid close attention to American Karaoke Idol last night, you may have noticed The Observer planted in the front, only furthering our suspicion that Adam Lambert is truly a guylinered alien. » 4/08/09 9:30am 4/08/09 9:30am

Every Sighting of the "Observer" from Fringe

Mad science series Fringe may not be back until January, but the mysterious "Observer" who pops up in nearly every episode will no doubt continue to prey upon your OCD imaginations. He's the guy we see in one episode eating a sandwich comprised almost entirely of chili peppers and hot sauce - a perfect snack for… » 12/05/08 7:00am 12/05/08 7:00am