The Origin Story You Won't Hear for Timothy Green's Dirt Baby

Timothy Green isn't just a little boy who grew out of a bit of dirt in one lonely couple's backyard. Instead, the dirt baby has a secret mythological history, that no one knows about (because it wasn't included in the movie). In our exclusive interview, the director of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Peter Hedges,… »8/13/12 6:00pm8/13/12 6:00pm


New clips from The Odd Life of Timothy Green show the problems with raising a dirt baby

A childless couple grows their perfect son in the backyard after getting drunk, writing down all the qualities they would want in a kid, and burying their thoughts in the garden. Then when a little boy appears in the living room — instead of freaking out that they grew a monster — they decide to raise him. We're… »8/09/12 1:30pm8/09/12 1:30pm