Kirk travels back in time to save the Oscars—and just won't leave

William Shatner invaded Seth MacFarlane's opening Oscars sketch to add a science fiction plot line to the Academy Awards. Captain James T. Kirk (suspiciously wearing his admiral's uniform and sounding less like Shatner doing Kirk than Shatner doing grumpy Shatner) traveled back in time to prevent MacFarlane from… » 2/24/13 6:04pm 2/24/13 6:04pm

The big moments to watch for on Oscar night

Sunday night's Academy Awards show may not have all of last year's Avatar-related buzz. But you should still keep your eyes glued to the screen for plenty of other gigantic moments that could change the course of movie-making history forever. » 2/24/11 5:26pm 2/24/11 5:26pm

The Oscars Overlook The Dark Knight But Love Backwards Babies

The nominees for the 81st Academy Awards was released this morning, and while the genre movie racked up plenty of nominations our beloved Dark Knight was passed over on a few surprising categories. » 1/22/09 6:39am 1/22/09 6:39am