Sometimes It's Really Hard To Avoid Scratching Your Brain

Probably the weirdest Stephen King short story is "The Revelations Of Becka Paulson," where a housewife shoots herself in the brain and then sticks a pencil in the bullet hole. Afterwards, she can hear Jesus talking to her. It's the story that converted me into a rabid King fan, so I was psyched when I saw the 1990s … » 11/07/08 6:37pm 11/07/08 6:37pm

Leonard Nimoy Is Asking For A Robo-Strangling

Leonard Nimoy plays a cocky attorney who comes out of retirement to defend a robot accused of robo-murder, in this awesome scene from an episode of the 1996 Outer Limits revival. In the bursting-at-the-seams genre of "robots on trial and defending their humanity," the "I Robot" episode is a stand-out, largely due to… » 5/28/08 10:12pm 5/28/08 10:12pm