Why the lightsaber battles in The Phantom Menace were the safest fight scenes ever

Blame the 3D re-release, but The Phantom Menace is now undergoing a new golden age of withering scrutiny. In this Jedi tutorial by YouTuber First Man on the Spoon, proper lightsaber safety is meticulously broken down. Remember, a good lightsaber battle has more in common with The Electric Slide than any preexisting… »3/19/12 9:40am3/19/12 9:40am

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will bring Darth Maul back from the dead

Killing off Darth Maul in the The Phantom Menace probably wasn't the best idea, especially when Lucas and Co. spent the greater part of the film building up the Sith, only to have him sliced in half. But true Star Wars fans know that this wasn't really the end of Darth Maul. And now the Clone Wars TV series has found… »10/12/11 4:48pm10/12/11 4:48pm

Compare the new CGI Yoda from the Blu-Ray Star Wars Episode One with the original puppet

Everybody knows that George Lucas loves to change his movies, so it shouldn't really surprise anyone that Lucas has yet again changed something else on the Star Wars Blu-Ray saga release. He's scrubbed out Frank Oz's Yoda puppet from The Phantom Menace and replaced it with a CG monster. »8/24/11 9:14pm8/24/11 9:14pm