The Dark Knight rides a shark in bondage-crazy 1960s Batman art

In 1966, famed pulp artist Norman Saunderswho illustrated the 1962 Mars Attacks cards — produced a series of magical paintings for Topps' Batman trading card line. » 1/30/12 10:55am 1/30/12 10:55am

Artist transforms constipated Victorian photos into flamboyant scifi…

We've seen kaiju inserted into yard sale paintings and vampiric 1800s facsimiles of Nicolas Cage. In the spirit of such portraiture comes Alex Gross' series of science fiction cabinet cards, in which he takes poor dead bastards who kicked it 100+ years ago and repaints them as pop icons. Gross will be presenting a new… » 1/24/12 7:15pm 1/24/12 7:15pm

The Coolest and Wrongest Spoilers of 2010!

For every real piece of news, there's a hundred crazy rumors and unconfirmed reports. This year provided tons of vital hints at future well as a lot of wonderfully ridiculous rumors. Here's the coolest and wrongest spoilers of 2010. » 12/31/10 6:40pm 12/31/10 6:40pm

Batman 3 becomes "The Dark Knight Rises" and kills Riddler rumors

Official Bat-news is breaking, moments after the rumors surrounding the auditions for Chris Nolan's new female lead. We've got the official title, and the scoop on what's really happening with The Riddler. » 10/27/10 9:24am 10/27/10 9:24am

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be playing Batman 3's Riddler after all

How do you follow up Heath Ledger's show-stopping performance in The Dark Knight? Many people think bringing in the Riddler is the way to go. And now there are more serious rumors that Inception's Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be on board. » 7/21/10 8:00am 7/21/10 8:00am

Will We See The Riddler, Robin And More In Dark Knight Sequel?

Now that we know that Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie is getting underway, rumors about the choice of villain and plot are beginning to trickle online. Surprisingly, they don't seem entirely impossible... » 2/14/10 7:00am 2/14/10 7:00am

Get Used To Eddie Murphy In Batman 3, aka Gotham

The Sun reporter Gordon Smart stands by his report that Eddie Murphy will party all the time as The Riddler in the Dark Knight sequel — which he claims will be called Gotham. » 12/24/08 11:00am 12/24/08 11:00am

Johnny Depp Not The Riddler . . . Yet

When asked on a radio interview about casting rumors that he'd be playing the Riddler, Johnny Depp silenced the internet by stating simply, "Not that I know of . . . It seemed like it be a fun gig for a while." Hell yeah it would be a cool gig John, so do it. Find your inner crazy Nolan dark-hearted baddie and sign… » 9/02/08 9:30am 9/02/08 9:30am

Only Big-Name Villains For Supermax

Click to view » 8/15/08 10:05am 8/15/08 10:05amFor everyone waiting to see the Riddler show up in the sequel to , you're probably going to have a long wait coming. But that doesn't mean that he won't get his day in the cinematic sun - He's just one of the supervillains being lined up to appear in Warner Bros' planned Green Arrow Prison Break movie.The…

Batman's Best Friend Reveals Villain Of Third Bat-Movie

What Bat-menace will grace the big screen in the next Batman movie to come after Dark Knight? Gary Oldman, who plays good cop Jim Gordon, and director Christopher Nolan spilled the beans in an interview. But Nolan also hinted he may not be around to complete his Bat-trilogy. Also, they addressed the tricky issue of… » 6/30/08 8:40am 6/30/08 8:40am