John Larroquette Teaches Sexiness Lessons. General Grievous Takes Notes.

It's only the second week for Chuck »10/06/08 12:00pm10/06/08 12:00pm, and already the guest spots are starting to pour in. Thank god it's the hilarious John Larroquette. In other TV news the team hits the beach, General Grievous is still up to no good, is back, and brings us more Shanks. We have tons of clips and minor spoilers, below. John…

Caption this Photo to Win A Cyborg-Sized Load Of Terminator Gear

The two-hour season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles airs tonight on Fox, starting at 8pm (so set those clocks early, folks) and we're giving away a giant chunk of swag from the show. See the photo above of John and Cameron sitting at the table? All you have to do is come up with a funny caption. You… »3/03/08 1:33pm3/03/08 1:33pm

Sarah Connor Chronicles Wants To Be Battlestar Galactica

Sarah Connor's uppercut to her ex-shrink's jaw was one of the most satisfying moments in last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That annoying psychiatrist who kept Sarah drugged and locked up in Terminator 2 finally apologizes to her for being such a jack-ass (after he's just torched an FBI… »2/26/08 4:30pm2/26/08 4:30pm