Fox News accuses The Lorax and Arrietty of brainwashing your children

Fox News' Lou Dobbs is taking aim at The Lorax and The Secret World of Arrietty for brainwashing our kids with their anti-industrialism agenda, and for foisting Obama's rhetoric about "sharing" onto children. Because sharing is evil. » 2/22/12 3:39pm 2/22/12 3:39pm

Watch the English-dubbed trailer for Studio Ghibli's The Secret World…

Disney has released the first ever English-dubbed trailer for The Secret World of Arrietty from Studio Ghibli (of Spirited Away and Ponyo fame.) It features the voices of Saoirse Ronan, Mark Strong, Amy Poehler, Carol Burnett and Will Arnett. » 10/25/11 11:24am 10/25/11 11:24am