Our New Favorite Twitter Account: One Perfect Shot

Historical Twitter accounts are fun, but they're also lousy with fakes. That's not a problem with @OnePerfectShot, an account that tweets beautifully framed stills from classic movies. According to creator Geoff Todd, the account's mission is to "honor the past and... inspire a new generation of perfect shots." That's… »5/03/14 12:49pm5/03/14 12:49pm


A blissfully confused baby reenacts scenes from classic scifi and fantasy films

Meet Arthur the baby. Don't let his youth fool you — he's a season thespian who's participated in many experimental productions of familiar science fiction films. He's got a leg up on other babies — at his age, all I did was pose on little red wagons. »11/12/11 11:30am11/12/11 11:30am

Arthur's performance as from . Arthur covers . . .