Rudy Rucker's Math Orgy Classic "Sex Sphere" Gets Reissued

We've written about scifi author Rudy "Postsingular" Rucker's forgotten 1980s classic The Sex Sphere before — it's the novel where a bunch of hypermatter creatures take the forms of blobs with breasts and genitals and try to conquer Earth. It almost works, too. Everybody gets so into having sex with the blobs that… »4/18/08 5:40pm4/18/08 5:40pm


Love Between a Mad Scientist and a Degenerate Speck of Hypermatter

Alien invaders tend to shoot acid, go invisible, or drive humongous ships. Not the ones in Rudy Rucker's 1980s classic The Sex Sphere, where an alien named Babs and her crew take the form of disembodied sex organs that attach to human hosts. Once attached, the humans go into orgasm pleasure dreamland, and never… »12/21/07 4:00pm12/21/07 4:00pm