Tintin returns to the mind-melting worlds of H.P. Lovecraft

Remember Murray Groat's Cthulhu versus Tintin book covers? Groat's expanded this series and introduced the boy reporter to the Yithians, the Mi-Go, and Crawford Tillinghast. Something tells me this would have happened if Peter Jackson tapped Guillermo del Toro to help out on Secret of the Unicorn. » 9/19/11 12:15pm 9/19/11 12:15pm

On the Trail of Grotesque Gods from Space

It's another installment of Entropist, a scifi culture column by futurist design maven Geoff Manaugh, author of BLDG BLOG. In his 1936 short story "The Shadow Out of Time," classic weird fiction author H.P. Lovecraft describes a man who takes "long visits to remote and desolate places." These places include the "vast… » 2/29/08 9:00am 2/29/08 9:00am