Superman's Birthplace Saved From Obliteration

As we reported before » 10/06/08 9:30am 10/06/08 9:30am, the childhood home of Jerry Siegel, the creator of Superman, was going to be destroyed, until novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer got involved. In an attempt to save the home as a historical landmark, Meltzer tells us raised over $100,000 and not only saved the house, but can now make the…

Save The Birthplace Of Superman

Launching today, new charity the Siegel & Shuster Society is trying to live up to the legacy of the world's greatest superhero, inspiring everyone to help out their friends and neighbors... and save the house where Jerry Siegel created Superman, way back in the 1930s, which they're at it. Find out what Brad Meltzer,… » 9/02/08 11:30am 9/02/08 11:30am