The Bliss of Ignorance: The Signal

I spent the last 20 minutes of William Eubank's intimate sci-fi thriller The Signal with my jaw hanging open. The movie's a slow burn that keeps its characters in the dark about what the hell is happening to them. Eubank's greatest feat is that he keeps the audience in the dark, too (or at least, this member of the… » 6/13/14 4:39pm 6/13/14 4:39pm

Sundance Roundup Part 2: The Indie Movies Everyone is Buzzing About

The Sundance film festival is slowly inching towards its close, and there are more candidates for "year's most exciting indie movie." You've already seen our first breakdown of this year's exciting science fiction and fantasy movies. Now, here's the last collection of indie movie standouts (and fall-downs) that the… » 1/23/14 1:22pm 1/23/14 1:22pm

io9 Talks to "The Signal" Directors About the Secret Techno-Evils of…

The crazy-making static in The Signal is actually just making people act on impulses they already feel, say directors David Bruckner and Jacob Gentry. And some of the weirdest moments in the techno-horror movie come from people struggling to act civilized while the Signal messes them up. We talked to two out of three… » 1/23/08 8:20am 1/23/08 8:20am