Why "Computronium" is really "Unobtanium"

Computronium is defined by some as a substance which approaches the theoretical limit of computational power that we can achieve through engineering of the matter around us. It would mean that every atom of a piece of matter would be put to useful work doing computation. Such a system would reside at the ultimate… »2/11/11 6:05pm2/11/11 6:05pm

Are there phenomena in the universe that will always be beyond human comprehension?

Just after we linked to the Physics and Cake blog's post about whether there might be a "ceiling" in the level of theoretical physics that humans can understand, Reith Lecturer Martin Rees wrote an essay for the London Times, explaining the first of his Reith Lectures. And Rees does believe that there may be intrinsic… »6/01/10 5:20pm6/01/10 5:20pm