In Jeff VanderMeer's webcomic The Situation, a fish designer plays a surreal game of office politics

Even in post-apocalyptic world where men can transform into human resources bears and brain slugs can edit out disturbing memories, you can't escape the mindfuck that is office politics. In the webcomic adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's darkly comic story The Situation, a lowly fish designer is thrust into a world of… »1/28/12 11:30am1/28/12 11:30am


Slipstream Office Politics in Jeff VanderMeer's "The Situation," Free Online

Jeff VanderMeer is one of those authors whose books seep into your brain, trickle down your spine, and lodge somewhere deep in the insect parts of your DNA. Heavily influenced by Lovecraft, VanderMeer is perhaps best known for the dreamy-crawly short story collection City of Saints and Madmen, set in the brooding… »3/06/08 1:24pm3/06/08 1:24pm