Best television adaptations of science fiction and fantasy novels

Can a book really become a decent television show? Yes, and here's the proof! Here are 12 shining examples of science fiction and fantasy books that actually got turned into television series that are worth watching in their own right. » 11/03/10 3:46pm 11/03/10 3:46pm

The 11 greatest, craziest sci-fi crossovers in television history

Tonight's conclusion of the already epic Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossover is just scratching the surface of science fiction's greatest TV crossovers. You may not believe some of what we're about to tell you about actually happened...that's why we brought video evidence. » 8/06/10 1:48pm 8/06/10 1:48pm

The 6 Million Dollar Man Peddles His Bionic Hearing Aid

Good God, we are getting old. Lee Majors is doing Bionic Hearing Aid commercials. Nothing is more depressing than listening to our favorite cyborg talk about "frustrating tiny batteries." [via David Indy] » 11/23/09 7:20am 11/23/09 7:20am

Electro-Shock Treatment Creates Bionic Girl

A crazy doctor whispers to the paralyzed Sandra Bullock about regulating her pleasure and pain... and then electrocutes her brain, all in the name of turning her into Bionic Girl. The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman got a little bionic family in the TV movies from the late 1980s and early 1990s, including… » 3/18/08 11:45am 3/18/08 11:45am