Will and Jaden Smith Give Fucking Insane Interview About Patterns

While promoting their upcoming blockbuster After Earth, Will Smith and Will Smith: Nano (Jaden Smith) gave a very bonkers interview to New York magazine in which they espoused wondrous theories of high level imagimathematics previously published only on the wrinkled insides of fast food takeout bags in a frantic,… » 5/29/13 3:46pm 5/29/13 3:46pm

Post-Punk/New Wave Icons as Super Heroes

This great super hero/post-punk hero crossover is pretty impressive. Created by Brazilian designer/illustrator Butcher Billy, you can buy them as prints, t-shirts and iphone covers - just click on the link. I quite fancy the Batman/Ian Curtis one as a t-shirt. » 5/16/13 5:34pm 5/16/13 5:34pm

A virtual Morrissey is on the loose in Google Earth

If you use Google Earth to look up the Salfords Lads Club in Manchester, England, you'll find a famously coiffed squatter in this virtual world. Punch in "St Ignatius Walk, M5 3RX" on 3D Buildings mode and you'll see a pixelated incarnation of Morrissey, The Smiths' loud-mouthed pontificator, forever standing smugly. » 1/02/12 6:40am 1/02/12 6:40am