The Spectre and Gotham by Midnight

So I read Gotham by Midnight #2 today and I love the way they are portraying the Spectre. To explain how and why the new Spectre works, though, I'm going to have to explain the history of the Spectre and why so many people had trouble writing for him before. » 12/29/14 10:46am 12/29/14 10:46am

One of the best comic books of the 1990s is coming back at last

The mid-1990s was the heyday of Vertigo Comics, DC's trippy, grown-up imprint. But one of the best Vertigo-esque comics appeared instead, almost unnoticed, on DC's Milestone Imprint. And after 14 years, the unsettling supernatural nanotechnology tale XOMBI is coming back. » 10/15/10 7:30am 10/15/10 7:30am

Boy Finds Boobs In Comic Book; Reporter Goes To $1 Store For Answers

In Utah, a 10-year-old boy found a nekkid lady in The Spectre 9, which came in a comic-book grab bag his mother bought him for Easter. Rather than ask for a $1 refund from Dollar Tree, mom called local news. » 4/20/10 11:01am 4/20/10 11:01am

Justice League's New Animated Movie Is No Crisis

Biggest surprise of Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths? It's not the fast-moving, funny script, nor the best-looking animation from a DC Universe project yet. Nope, it's that Wonder Woman comes away as the most impressive character of the movie. » 2/22/10 2:16pm 2/22/10 2:16pm