The original pilot script for television's most famous disaster, theā€¦

It should have been the greatest television show ever: conceived by Harlan Ellison, with science advisor Ben Bova and scripts by Dick, Le Guin, Herbert and Van Vogt. A new comic based on The Starlost shows what could have been. » 8/18/10 12:00pm 8/18/10 12:00pm

Is The Starlost The Worst Science Fiction Series Ever Made?

This week marks the release of the Canadian SF series The Starlost » 10/02/08 2:40pm 10/02/08 2:40pm on DVD. Initially conceived by Harlan Ellison, the show ran for one miserable season. With laughable sets, terrible dialogue, acting that was simply beyond the pale, and a strange Amish theme, doesn't rate a purchase, but you will derive considerableā€¦