Some Free Comics You Should Nab While You Can

Sure, so this Wednesday was kind of a weak one for comics, but that's because everyone was saving the awesome up for tomorrow. What's so special about tomorrow, you may ask yourself (beside it being Saturday, and therefore requiring no work for the majority of you)? Well, it's Free Comic Book Day 2008, where stores… » 5/02/08 7:00am 5/02/08 7:00am

Sci Fi Channel Brings You Superheroes In The Suburbs

If "Justice League meets Desperate Housewives" sounds like your ideal TV show, then you're obviously the Sci Fi Channel's main target market. For everybody else, maybe the Sci Fi Channel's latest collaboration with Virgin Comics, a comic about superheroes' naughty wives (and husbands?) in the suburbs, won't be as daft… » 4/21/08 3:15pm 4/21/08 3:15pm

Sci Fi Channel Copies Heroes A Year Too Late

The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, isn't the only show the Sci Fi Channel has on the drawing board. Sci Fi is also developing The Stranded, the show about ordinary people who realize they're superpowered aliens, which we mentioned the other day. And Sci Fi unveiled two other "backdoor pilots" at its upfront… » 3/19/08 3:37pm 3/19/08 3:37pm