A Robot Spartacus, Crucified In A Bleak Future

A grim warning to all robots looms over a pile of dirt and rubble on the set of The Surrogates, now filming in Hopedale, Massachusetts. In The Surrogates, based on a graphic novel, every human has a robot copy so they never have to leave the home. Willis plays a cop that has to go outside for the first time in years… » 7/07/08 10:56am 7/07/08 10:56am

First Look At Our Robot Replacements from The Surrogates

The new science fiction movie The Surrogates is filming in the Boston area, and we've gotten some exclusive pics — including some images of the movie's robot replacement bodies. In The Surrogates, humanity has turned hermit, thanks to robot bodies that can be your representatives in the world. Your robot copy can do… » 5/23/08 11:40am 5/23/08 11:40am