Jennifer's Body Gets Even Sleazier. And The Other Shoe Drops On Lost And Doctor Who

Start your week with spoilers! Including trashy Megan Fox pics and bi-curiosity. Set reports for Lost and Doctor Who hint at shocking confrontations. Plus Surrogates, New Moon, Fringe, FlashForward, Caprica, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Stargate, Heroes, True Blood, Chuck, Warehouse and Eureka. »8/31/09 9:00am8/31/09 9:00am

First Look At Our Robot Replacements from The Surrogates

The new science fiction movie The Surrogates is filming in the Boston area, and we've gotten some exclusive pics — including some images of the movie's robot replacement bodies. In The Surrogates, humanity has turned hermit, thanks to robot bodies that can be your representatives in the world. Your robot copy can do… »5/23/08 2:40pm5/23/08 2:40pm