io9 Talks To Surrogates Creator Robert Venditti

With Surrogates hitting theaters this weekend, we spoke to creator Robert Venditti about the origins of the original comic, his career as a writer, and why nothing in the story is as simple as it may seem at first. » 9/26/09 1:00pm 9/26/09 1:00pm

Two Of The Year's Best Comics Dominate This Quiet Week

It's finally happened: San Diego Comic-Con has broken comics. How else to explain the slim pickings of this week's shipping list? But that actually makes your life easier, because there're two books this week that you simply can't live without. » 7/28/09 9:00am 7/28/09 9:00am

Surrogates' Crime Drama Is More Real Than Its Protagonists

We got an advance look at The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone, the sequel to the original comic now being made into a Bruce Willis-starring movie, and can happily say that it's Dollhouse done right. » 4/01/09 11:30am 4/01/09 11:30am