Major Hints For Flash Forward, Transformers, Stargate And Doctor Who

Today's spoilers cut a wide swathe through your entertainment future. Find out just how John Cleese saves the day in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Plus have another glimpse of a new Transformers Decepticon. There are script snippets for Doctor Who and Smallville, showing unholy forces at work in both shows. And some… » 12/09/08 6:00am 12/09/08 6:00am

The Human Race Drops Dead, But At Least We're Still Pretty

Will the BBC give the same cheeky soap-opera treatment to its remake of the classic 1970s plague apocalypse show The Survivors that it gave to time-travel adventure show Doctor Who? Maybe, if the recent announcement of cast and characters is anything to go by. The main characters include a lesbian doctor and an Arab… » 6/04/08 1:10pm 6/04/08 1:10pm

Science Fiction Is The Literature Of Refugees

When you think about the archetypal science fiction story, chances are you think of the bold explorer, setting foot on a newfound planet in the name of a secure homeworld. But possibly the most pervasive narrative in science fiction is actually the story of refugees. They flee from planetary destruction, war, or just… » 5/16/08 5:00pm 5/16/08 5:00pm