Major Hints For Flash Forward, Transformers, Stargate And Doctor Who

Today's spoilers cut a wide swathe through your entertainment future. Find out just how John Cleese saves the day in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Plus have another glimpse of a new Transformers Decepticon. There are script snippets for Doctor Who and Smallville, showing unholy forces at work in both shows. And some… »12/09/08 9:00am12/09/08 9:00am

J.J. Abrams' Trek Confessions, Summer Glau's Terminator Warnings

Spoilers rule! J.J. Abrams did a shot-by-shot analysis of the Star Trek »11/20/08 9:00am11/20/08 9:00am trailer, and wound up giving away tons of plot details — including who's spying on Uhura as she undresses. Meanwhile, Isabel Lucas fueled speculation about her mysterious character in . There are half a dozen clips from Monday's episode, plus the…

More Watchmen Ending Details, And A Telltale Transformers Toy Pic

MTV premiered its new quarterly movie show Spoilers »11/17/08 9:00am11/17/08 9:00am on Friday night, and it looks like they're a little unclear on the concept. Taylor Lautner wears a wig in ? That's a major spoiler, worthy of a flashing banner! Luckily, we've got some spoilers here: Zack Snyder explains a bit more about the controversial changes to…

Could The Survivors Cure Your Doctor Who Withdrawal?

Going into Doctor Who »11/05/08 4:24pm11/05/08 4:24pm withdrawal yet? With the BBC's time-traveling soap opera pretty much taking a year off, and spin-off show also doing a shorter season, you're going to need an acceptable substitute. So it may be worth looking into , the remake of a classic show by Dalek co-creator Terry Nation — and featuring…

The Human Race Drops Dead, But At Least We're Still Pretty

Will the BBC give the same cheeky soap-opera treatment to its remake of the classic 1970s plague apocalypse show The Survivors that it gave to time-travel adventure show Doctor Who? Maybe, if the recent announcement of cast and characters is anything to go by. The main characters include a lesbian doctor and an Arab… »6/04/08 4:10pm6/04/08 4:10pm