Could this be the official ending to John Carpenter's The Thing?

One great ambiguous ending is the last scene in John Carpenter's The Thing. Even short films have been made dissecting the last few minutes where Kurt Russell and Keith David drink to their impending doom. Earlier this week a completely unverified rumor popped up on Reddit claiming to know who was infected in the… »2/19/13 11:00am2/19/13 11:00am

Ron D. Moore's new Syfy series sounds a bit like his never-made The Thing script

Fantastic news Ronald D. Moore is returning to Syfy with a brand new series. Which means hard science fiction could finally be returning to the Syfy Channel, and we might finally get a peek at his script for the remake of The Thing that never saw the light of day. Why? Because the plot of Helix sounds a hell of a lot… »1/17/13 3:55pm1/17/13 3:55pm

The Thing from The Fantastic Four made out of pumpkins is sort of genius

Is it just us, or is the internet stepping up their Halloween game hard this year? Look no further than this 6'4" jack o' lantern by Tigrus (construction process here). Eleven pumpkins sacrificed their existences as decorative squashes to transform into your ever-lovin' blue-eyed pal from Yancy Street. And who knew… »10/23/12 9:45am10/23/12 9:45am

Why Real Steel crushed the weekend's remakes/prequels at the box office

We really liked Real Steel — it wasn't a deep character study, or a brilliant epic, but it was a fun movie about robots beating the crap out of each other. And it had a boy befriending a huge robot, which he then upgraded. It was a robot movie which managed to avoid getting hung up on the question of whether the… »10/17/11 5:30pm10/17/11 5:30pm

The Thing prequel is a fun horror film with one fatal flaw

The Thing, a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 gory scifi thriller of the same name, is a solid horror movie with a great leading performance from Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a heroic scientist with a flamethrower. It's tense, creepy, and even has a pretty well-developed sense of wonder. Though it's definitely worth… »10/14/11 7:02pm10/14/11 7:02pm

An incredible short story told from the perspective of the alien in John Carpenter's The Thing

If you love the John Carpenter version of The Thing and are dreading the remake coming to a theater near you, or if you just love stories that successfully represent a truly alien point of view, then you need to read Peter Watts' Hugo-nominated story "The Things." It's the John Carpenter flick, but from the point of… »10/14/11 11:30am10/14/11 11:30am