Best And Worst SF/Fantasy Movies Of 2009

This was a year of extremes: huge CG-heavy spectacles and low-budget gems. Most of all, 2009 made us feel the boundaries of cinema were stretched... for good and ill. Here are the 10 best and 10 worst films of 2009. » 12/30/09 2:41pm 12/30/09 2:41pm

District 9 Wins The Weekend, Cost-Effective Award

It's not just one of the most anticipated movies released this summer, but District 9 may also turn out to be one of the most profitable, having made almost half of its budget back within its first day of release. » 8/16/09 7:00am 8/16/09 7:00am

Can This Time-Traveling Marriage Be Saved From Its Own Banality?

The Time Traveler's Wife is a story about deja vu. Everything that happens has already happened, and will happen again, thanks to the story's endless time loops. So maybe that's why everything in the movie feels so tiresomely familiar. Spoilers... » 8/14/09 1:09pm 8/14/09 1:09pm

Quantum Physicist Approves the Time Traveler's Wife

Tragic love stories may not be your thing, but physicist Dave Goldberg says there's another reason to be excited for the film adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife: it's the most accurate time travel movie you'll see all year. » 8/13/09 10:07am 8/13/09 10:07am

Intense Clips From Fringe, District 9 And New Moon. Plus Supernatural's…

Today's spoilers include new hints for Iron Man 2 and Wolverine 2 — plus the Supernatural guest stars you never expected! There's a "redband" clip from District 9. Plus Dollhouse, Lost, Fringe, Time Traveler's Wife, New Moon, Stargate and Heroes. » 8/12/09 6:00am 8/12/09 6:00am

Video Clips Show The Ups And Downs Of Dating A Time Traveler

Rachel McAdams is courted by the dreamy time-traveling Eric Bana, from her youth to young adulthood. Check out these four clips from the new science fiction romance, The Time Traveler's Wife. » 8/04/09 8:00am 8/04/09 8:00am

One Star Trek Star Won't Be Back, But One Surprising Iron Man Character…

Spoilers come from everywhere, despite what the Answer Bitch says: Marvel spills Iron Man info, a Star Trek star talks sequels, and there's Avatarfootage details. Plus Time Traveler's Wife, Gamer, Jennifer's Body, [Rec] 2, New Moon, Lost, Dollhouse and Smallville. » 8/03/09 6:00am 8/03/09 6:00am

New Videos From Gamer, G.I. Joe And Time Traveler's Wife, Plus The Plot…

Spoilers go on forever! The producer of Asteroids explains that movie's plot. Plus there's a new Gamer clip, and a predatory new Jennifer's Body pic. Also: G.I. Joe, G-Force, The Prisoner, Time Traveler's Wife, Green Hornet and 2012 spoilers! » 7/24/09 6:00am 7/24/09 6:00am

Trek 2 Will Take Liberties, But Transformers 2 Is Already Taking Plenty

Your spoiler frenzy starts with Orci talking Trek 2, and continues with robo-porn moments in Transformers 2. There are hints about the We3 movie. Plus a spoilery Fringe casting call, and Lost, Ghostbusters 3, Heroes, Flash Forward and Sorcerer's Aprentice. » 6/17/09 6:00am 6/17/09 6:00am

Angelina Jolie Back In Wanted 2? Plus What Crazy Huge Set Is…

Apparently, "spoilerphobia" is a medical condition. Cure yourself with an early G.I. Joe review, Green Lantern script talk, and Angelina Jolie's rumored return in Wanted 2. Plus Christopher Nolan's Inception, Lost, Time Traveler's Wife, John Carter, BSG, Eureka and Supernatural. » 6/16/09 6:00am 6/16/09 6:00am

Our First Look At The Time-Crossed Romance Of The Time Traveler's Wife

The trailer for the timeslip romance, The Time Traveler's Wife, is finally online, and it shows the attractiveness, and horribleness, of a lover who can't stay. (Plus a nifty "dematerialization" effect.) And click through to see the poster. » 6/12/09 6:20pm 6/12/09 6:20pm

Bana: Nero Is Really The Misunderstood Tragic Hero Of Star Trek

We got a few minutes alone with Star Trek's Romulan bad boy, Eric Bana, and looked deep into the psyche of Nero. Bana explained how he got so revved up, he passed out on set. » 5/05/09 1:36pm 5/05/09 1:36pm

Really Great Speculative Fiction Is Worth Millions, Even In A Recession

Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife, won a staggering $5 million advance for her second novel, Her Fearful Symmetry. And everyone seems to agree she earned it. » 3/12/09 2:07pm 3/12/09 2:07pm

Did David Fincher Just Make a Chick Flick?

David Fincher recently released a longer trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button » 9/30/08 2:10pm 9/30/08 2:10pm, a bewitching, sepia-kissed romance-drama starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Camille Saint-Saën’s wistful, whimsical “The Aquarium” scores the longer clip; it’s a track that would fit effortlessly into the Tim Burton oeuvre,…

Rachel McAdams Makes Out With A Time-Traveling Hottie

Sexy Librarian Rachel McAdams runs towards her time traveling hubby, on the set of The Time Traveler's Wife » 9/19/08 7:30am 9/19/08 7:30am based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Click through to see wifeu Clare Abshire get a face-full of her time-lost librarian man, Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana).