A live orchestra plays a medley of swinging tracks from The Venture…

Last year Venture Bros. composer JG Thirlwell performed the show's tiki-bar-meets-secret-lair soundtrack at Brooklyn's Prospect Park with his big band outfit Steroid Maximus. Here's recently released footage of Thirlwell and company's snazzy performance. » 4/11/11 3:30pm 4/11/11 3:30pm

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Venture Brothers renewed for two more seasons, with an animated short…

We live in an era in which genre TV shows are perpetually dancing on the razor's edge, so it's nice to know that one of our favorites is going to be around for a while. » 3/22/11 7:30am 3/22/11 7:30am

Venture Bros. Season 5 is a go (and the annual Venture Xmas song)!

The Season 4 finale of Venture Bros. felt a twinge like a series finale, but the show isn't done yet. On Christmas Eve, VB creator Jackson Publick confirmed that Brock and the gang will be back for a fifth season! » 12/25/10 8:30am 12/25/10 8:30am

The Venture Bros. season finale was the best homeschooled prom ever

The 60-minute Venture Bros. finale wasn't only the best TV episode about a $500 homeschooled prom held in an airplane hangar, it was probably the most satisfying episode yet. I'll wager a "Rusty Venture" on it. » 11/22/10 4:05pm 11/22/10 4:05pm

First clips of Summer Glau on Chuck, Futurama's holiday episode and the…

Futurama's having its holiday spectacular and Venture Bros. has a one-hour season finale — and we've got clips! Plus meet Summer Glau's "little friend" on Chuck. Ben Edlund writes Supernatural, Fringe's Walternate makes his move and Walking Dead heats up! » 11/15/10 9:00am 11/15/10 9:00am


On Venture Bros., vampire prostitutes help Billy Quizboy become a man

Last night's Venture Bros. episode, "The Silent Partners," drove home that the show's title is increasingly becoming a misnomer. Who were the key players? Billy Quizboy, Brock, Monstroso, and the Pirate. Oh, and a robotic Hazzard boy. Good ol' RoboBo. » 10/25/10 11:05am 10/25/10 11:05am

Last night's Venture Bros. was a Freudian maze of sex, lies, and Clint…

Sunday's Venture Bros., "Assisted Suicide," was a kaleidoscopic journey through the recesses of Rusty's mind. There was a creepy child harem master, encounters with Doc's ego and superego, and lusty game-changing moment with Dr. Girlfriend and Henchman 21. » 10/18/10 3:05pm 10/18/10 3:05pm

This week's Venture Bros. gave us the lousiest supervillain auditions…

Sunday's episode of Venture Bros., "Bright Lights, Dean City," followed Dean to NYC, where he interns at Impossible Industries. Unfortunately, Dr. Impossible has recently turned evil, so Dean must oversee supervillain try-outs. Get ready for Ladyhawke and Lyndon Bee Johnson! » 10/12/10 7:15am 10/12/10 7:15am

The 15 most ridiculous quotes from The Venture Bros. NYCC press…

At NYCC, Venture Bros.' Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer regaled hundreds at the Friday night panel. But the real action was in Saturday's press room, where the writers of TV's funniest show fired off quips like some quip-firing machine gun. » 10/10/10 8:10pm 10/10/10 8:10pm

A very special noir episode of Venture Bros...that will make you gag

Last night's Venture Bros., "Everybody Comes To Hank's," was a noir pastiche, complete with fedoras, molls, and Hank's self-appointed "Girl Friday," The Alchemist. We also learned dark secrets about Dermott's true parentage and, oh yeah, Hank becomes a man. Baaarf. » 10/04/10 9:35am 10/04/10 9:35am

On Venture Bros, a Greek god calls for blood and Doc tries to sell…

Last night's Venture Bros., "Every Which Way But Zeus," began with a Greek god kidnapping a bunch of B-list characters and ended with some poignant revelations about Hank's relationship with Doc. Also, Doc sexually propositions a Teddy Ruxpin. Yup. » 9/27/10 9:37am 9/27/10 9:37am

On Venture Brothers, Hank wants to become a drifter and post-Crisis…

Last night's Venture Bros. saw the show's heroes and villains go through life ch-ch-changes. Hank and Dean graduated from their learning pods, and Phantom Limb reached out (an invisible, metaphorical hand) to an antagonist viewers haven't seen in a spell. » 9/20/10 8:50am 9/20/10 8:50am

The Venture Brothers take a fantastic voyage into their dad's prostate

The first episode of Season 4.5 of The Venture Bros., "The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter Glider," probed the dark secrets (literally) lodged inside Doc Venture. Also, the Monarch wants to diddle a mechanical butterfly. Damn we missed this show. » 9/13/10 9:15am 9/13/10 9:15am

Our giant guide to fall TV that will satisfy your science fiction…

Set your DVR's: we've got the entire schedule of can't-miss science fiction and fantasy television. The good news is, fall TV offers more of Fringe's red-haired alternate Olivia Dunham. Plus rogue spies, weird conspiracies, superpowered families... and the Walking Dead. » 8/19/10 10:24am 8/19/10 10:24am

A New Femme Fatale for the Venture Brothers?

The Venture Bros. returned last night with skydiving, Nazi-killing, freaky surgery, and the first issue of Marvel Comics. And new concept art reveals another thing we'll see in Season Four: a new leading lady. » 10/19/09 12:00pm 10/19/09 12:00pm

We've Seen Next Week's Rainbow-Powered Venture Bros. Episode!

It's been over a year, but The Venture Bros. finally returns this Sunday. We caught a sneak peek of the second episode — Captain Sunshine and all — and have a spoiler-lite preview of the Ventures' latest dose of madness. » 10/16/09 9:30am 10/16/09 9:30am

Captain Sunshine Flies In Venture Brothers Premiere!

Check out the brand-new collection of stills from the Venture Brothers premiere Sunday, October 18th. Find out who's bringing back the old VB style. Spoilers ahead! » 10/07/09 3:00pm 10/07/09 3:00pm