The Walking Dead Supporting Character You Need To Get To Know

It’s easy to say Rick, Daryl or Michonne is your favorite character on The Walking Dead. But going into the sixth season, with a new set of tribulations on the way, another character who hasn’t gotten much screen time could become much more important: Olivia, who embodies Alexandria’s potential and peril. »10/15/15 7:20pm10/15/15 7:20pm

The Surprising Objects Used To Make Gruesome Sounds On The Walking Dead 

Tucked into a fascinating article about veteran Foley artist Gregg Barbanell, highly skilled in creating realistic (yet not distracting) ambient sounds for films, TV shows, and video games, is a rundown of how he achieves The Walking Dead’s most bone-rattling noises. The “tools” he uses are shockingly unshocking. »4/02/15 1:37pm4/02/15 1:37pm

McFarlane's Walking Dead 'Lego' Continues To Be Both Neat And Bizarre

Last year McFarlane launched a series of construction toys based on The Walking Dead - and while they looked really cool, we had no idea just why they were Lego-compatible building sets. McFarlane just unveiled a whole heap of new toys in the line, and we're stuck thinking pretty much the same thing. »2/17/15 12:39am2/17/15 12:39am