Does The Walking Dead Spinoff Hold Up? Here's Our Spoiler-Free Review!

We’re totally excited about AMC’s companion show to The Walking Dead: new characters, a new setting, and a story that takes place “during Rick’s coma,” according to the AMC exec who introduced the Comic-Con screening of the Fear the Walking Dead. Here are our spoiler-free first impressions! » 7/14/15 11:40am 7/14/15 11:40am

The Fear the Walking Dead Trailer Shows a Family Drama in the Apocalypse

“When civilization ends, it ends fast.” That’s the last line of the first trailer for Fear the Walking Dead (above), the Walking Dead spin-off which made its Comic-Con debut Friday afternoon. Now learn how this spinoff will differentiate itself from the original series that spawned it. » 7/10/15 3:00pm 7/10/15 3:00pm

Spoilers And Rumors For Civil War, Fantastic Four And Agents Of SHIELD!

There’s one character from the Green Arrow comics that Arrow will never touch. Who is Matt Smith playing in Terminator Genisys? Find out where Hannibal could go after season three. Plus our first official look at the X-Files relaunch, and the first clip from Fear the Walking Dead. So many spoilers! » 6/26/15 6:00am 6/26/15 6:00am

The New Walking Dead Figures Feature A Wonderfully Gore-Splattered Carol

You wait ages for a Carol action figure, and two come along at once! Hot after her action figure debut late last year, the next wave of Walking Dead toys will feature another version of the TV show’s coolest badass: and she’s got an awful lot of red on her. » 5/07/15 11:00pm 5/07/15 11:00pm

The Surprising Objects Used To Make Gruesome Sounds On The Walking Dead 

Tucked into a fascinating article about veteran Foley artist Gregg Barbanell, highly skilled in creating realistic (yet not distracting) ambient sounds for films, TV shows, and video games, is a rundown of how he achieves The Walking Dead’s most bone-rattling noises. The “tools” he uses are shockingly unshocking. » 4/02/15 10:37am 4/02/15 10:37am

McFarlane's Walking Dead 'Lego' Continues To Be Both Neat And Bizarre

Last year McFarlane launched a series of construction toys based on The Walking Dead - and while they looked really cool, we had no idea just why they were Lego-compatible building sets. McFarlane just unveiled a whole heap of new toys in the line, and we're stuck thinking pretty much the same thing. » 2/16/15 9:39pm 2/16/15 9:39pm

Rumors: Angelina Jolie Directing Captain Marvel, And A Star Wars Reunion

James Gunn talks Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Samuel L. Jackson may join Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, while a Firefly actor could co-star in Deadpool. Plus, pictures from the Sherlock Christmas special, and the first details about The Lego Movie 2's new female character. Spoilers, Assemble! » 2/09/15 6:00am 2/09/15 6:00am