The Watch demonstrates how Avatar has ruined this generation for future alien wars

The Watch might look like a zany alien comedy, in which a couple of suburban dudes chase down aliens amongst the cul-de-sacs of their town. But in reality, it's a sorry look at how Avatar has ruined us for alien interaction. If the first thing you do when you meet an angry alien is say "I see you," then we're all… »6/20/12 6:06pm6/20/12 6:06pm

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, Neighborhood Watch is now just The Watch (and gets a red band trailer)

The tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin has made the marketing for the foul-mouthed alien invasion comedy Neighborhood Watch more than a bit unfortunate. To distance itself from that horrible event, the movie has gotten a new title to go with its red band trailer: The Watch. »5/06/12 12:30pm5/06/12 12:30pm