The 10 Creepiest Human-To-Animal Transformations, In Order Of Mental…

For every birthday-suit shapeshifter to appear on True Blood or denim-short teen wolf to pop up in the Twilight books, there are dozens of science fiction and horror narratives informing us that polymorphing into a marmoset, wombat, or whatever would legitimately suck. Here are ten squirm-inducing transformations that… » 10/08/12 10:55am 10/08/12 10:55am

Guillermo Del Toro Dances With Roald Dahl's Witches

Now, here's an idea that will give me nightmares for years: Guillermo Del Toro is going to direct the stop-motion feature adaptation of Roald Dahl's fantastic novel The Witches, where a small boy gets trapped in a hotel while the annual convention of witches is taking place. » 12/01/08 4:27pm 12/01/08 4:27pm