Sam Raimi cut the "heart" and "brains" from his Oz, but added a "nice flying monkey"

You've seen the bananas trailer for Sam Raimi's giant, Tim-Burton-looking prequel Oz: The Great and Powerful. Now find out all the details we learned at the Comic-Con panel and follow-up press conference. Find out which Oz characters didn't make the cut, more on that flying monkey army, and whether or not Bruce… »7/13/12 2:15pm7/13/12 2:15pm


First trailer for Dorothy of Oz shows what happened after the tornado

Last time we checked in on the sugary Oz sequel Dorothy of Oz, it certainly sounded very pretty, mostly thanks to the leaked theme song from Glee's theater nerd Lea Michele. The journey down the saccharine brick road continues with the first ever trailer, starring the most oddball voice cast of all times, which… »4/17/12 10:15am4/17/12 10:15am

A ton of Disney Princesses, drawn in the "comic book style"

Some of you may remember Danger Girl artist J. Scott Campbell's first round of fairy tale princesses, which depicted Cinderella and Snow White as heroines who were allergic to every textile invented. For his new 2012 Fairy Tale Fantasies calendar, Scott Campbell— whose style can only be described as "uranium-enriched… »1/11/12 6:35pm1/11/12 6:35pm

Major Fringe season 3 scoop! Plus find out when Men In Black III takes place, and who might be Spidey's villain!

Fringe's alt-universe drama will get even weirder. Men In Black III has a surprising twist, and the Spider-Man prequel may have an unexpected villain. Plus Futurama, Doctor Who, Iron Sky, Jonah Hex, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Toy Story, Twilight and Warehouse 13! »6/14/10 9:00am6/14/10 9:00am