Why We Can't Have Great Movies

Universal Pictures chief Ron Meyer caused a splash late last week, when he admitted that "we do make a lot of shitty movies," and listed Land of the Lost, The Wolfman and Cowboys & Aliens among the studio's clunkers. » 11/07/11 12:39pm 11/07/11 12:39pm

The big moments to watch for on Oscar night

Sunday night's Academy Awards show may not have all of last year's Avatar-related buzz. But you should still keep your eyes glued to the screen for plenty of other gigantic moments that could change the course of movie-making history forever. » 2/24/11 5:26pm 2/24/11 5:26pm

Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2010

This year's best movies played with genres in ways that changed their audiences' perceptions. Video-game movies, action movies, heist movies and superhero movies — they all had dazzling reinventions. Here are the 10 best and worst SF/fantasy movies of 2010. » 12/27/10 4:09pm 12/27/10 4:09pm

The biggest box office disasters that Hollywood hyped at Comic Con

Every major studio hopes the films it showcases at Comic Con this year will be major hits. But if history's any indication, some of those movies will tank. Here are the biggest turkeys Comic Con has seen in years past. » 7/19/10 6:20am 7/19/10 6:20am

Monster Vs. Monster: Greatest Evil-Menace Smackdowns Of All Time!

Freddy Krueger's come back as a standalone monster, after Freddy Vs. Jason. And both Aliens and Predators are hoping to repeat this accomplishment soon. Nevertheless, there's something intrinsically awesome about two uber-menaces duking it out. Here are our favorite showdowns. » 5/11/10 2:30pm 5/11/10 2:30pm

Is The Captain America Movie Being Put On Hold? (Updated)

Has The Wolfman done what Batroc The Leaper, Baron Zemo and even Iron Man couldn't manage? New rumors are claiming that the poor box office performance of director Joe Johnston's werewolf movie may have resulted in Cap's (temporary?) demise. UPDATED. » 2/26/10 10:00am 2/26/10 10:00am

How Old-Fashioned Makeup Effects Created The Wolfman

Rick Baker, the FX and make-up master behind Videodrome and An American Werewolf in London, took us behind the werewolf mask on Wolfman. Check out this new video, along with the discarded Wolfman rock score. » 2/18/10 2:30pm 2/18/10 2:30pm

The Best Werewolf Transformations: A Demented Video Tribute

Werewolves are sick creatures, whether they're ripping off your man-bits, turning into a puddle, or sprouting were-boobs. But we love watching them turn from human to flesh-ripping, hairy berserkers. Check out our video tribute to the best werewolf transformations. » 2/12/10 1:00pm 2/12/10 1:00pm

A Doctor Who Monster Speaks, Captain America Script Gets Rewritten, And…

Today's spoilers include Captain America rewrites, and The Wolfman reviews. Another actor's back for Transformers 3. A classic Doctor Who monster's comeback is confirmed. Plus Lost, The Crazies, Repo Men, V, Chuck, Flashforward and Survivors spoilers! » 2/11/10 6:00am 2/11/10 6:00am

Major Villain Hints For Ghostbusters 3 And Transformers 3!

Sources may have uncovered the main villain of Ghostbusters 3. Meanwhile, a Transformers villain may be coming back. Lost's Evangeline Lilly reveals the "main man" in Kate's life. Christopher Lloyd comes to Chuck! Plus The Wolfman and Fringe spoilers! » 2/09/10 6:00am 2/09/10 6:00am

Favreau Clears Up Iron Man Continuity, John Carter And Captain America…

How does Iron Man 2 mesh with Incredible Hulk? Jon Favreau explains. Also, there are John Carter/Captain America filming locations. Lost actors expostulate "flash-sideways." Awesome V/True Blood casting! Plus Dune, Doctor Who, Kick-Ass, Wolfman, Percy Jackson, Caprica, FlashForward and Smallville! » 2/05/10 6:00am 2/05/10 6:00am

First Rumors Of Avatar 2's Actual Plot, Plus Bill Nighy's Casting…

There's a rumor about Avatar 2's story, even as a Mad Max rumor is debunked. And Bill Nighy joins Doctor Who in a spoilery role. Terry O'Quinn spills Lost info. And Fringe will be heart-breaking. Plus Wolfman and Caprica spoilers. » 2/02/10 6:00am 2/02/10 6:00am

7 New Wolfman Clips Reveal Benicio's Painful Puppy Transformation

Watch Benicio del Toro's fingers bend, eyes change color and face skew up horrifically in these brand new Wolfman clips. It's dark and brooding and Emily Blunt seems amazing, but is Benicio your wolf of choice? » 1/29/10 4:00pm 1/29/10 4:00pm

The Wolfman's Moulting: All The Reshoots, Redos And Re-Edits

Reshoots, re-edits, rewrites and re-scoring — The Wolfman has been through it all. But have all these re-snips neutered Benicio Del Toro's furry monster picture? We re-trace all of the second-guessing that may have doomed this film. » 1/25/10 4:22pm 1/25/10 4:22pm

Maximum Spoilers For Lost, Plus Steven Spielberg's New Alien-Invasion…

With Lost coming back in about a week, the spoiler floodgates are opening. A press release explains Spielberg's alien-invasion series. There are Tron, Percy Jackson, Repo Men and Wolfman posters. Plus Chuck/Supernatural/Smallville/Caprica clips. Also: Iron Man, Doctor Who and Chuck. » 1/25/10 6:00am 1/25/10 6:00am

Captain America Will Be More Of A Troubled Misfit Than You'd Expect

Director Joe Johnston explains why Captain America feels maladjusted. Learn how the new Dune will modernize Arrakis. New Wolfman/Crazies trailers. Nolan talks Inception. Plus startling Lost set reports. And Dollhouse, Caprica, True Blood, Fringe, Buffy, Survivors and Being Human spoilers! » 1/14/10 6:00am 1/14/10 6:00am

Spider-Man 4 Villain Confirmed! Your Lost Shipper Forecast! Thor's New…

An actor confirms he's the main villain in Spider-Man 4 (and whom he's playing.) Lost sources predict Skate/Jate's chances. Thor casting news! First Book Of Eli reviews! Plus Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Buffy, Supernatural, Wolfman, Torchwood, V and True Blood spoilers! » 1/11/10 6:00am 1/11/10 6:00am

The 20 SF Movies We're Most Excited To See In 2010

Are you prepared for cinematic awesomeness? This year sees a number of movies we're eager to watch, from Christopher Nolan's acid trip to new Iron Man, Predator and Tron films. Here are 20 reasons not to give up on movies. » 1/06/10 2:26pm 1/06/10 2:26pm

Discover Lost's Secret Baddie And Donna's Final Fate On Doctor Who

Discover Lost's new archvillain, who may be someone you already know. Also, this weekend's Doctor Who may not end the way you're expecting. James Cameron talks Avatar 2. Plus Wolfman, Imaginarium, Fringe, Chuck and Day Of The Triffids spoilers! » 12/28/09 6:00am 12/28/09 6:00am