Nick Frost Leads The Guest Stars Of The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost will return to TV for the next Doctor Who Christmas Special, which will be Peter Capaldi's first holiday outing as the Time Lord. He'll be joined by a variety of guests stars, including Michael Troughton, son of actor Patrick Troughton, best known as the Second Doctor. Hmm... » 9/19/14 7:10am 9/19/14 7:10am

Super early outline shows how Edgar Wright created The World's End

Want to see how Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost dreamed up the final installment of the Cornetto trilogy? Check out this very rough outline of The World's End and see how this wacky alien invasion flick came to be. » 2/11/14 6:50am 2/11/14 6:50am

Just Who Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Playing in Terminator 5?

Captain America 2 will be rougher than other Marvel movies. There are huge rumors about another Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain and a Doctor Who shake-up. Plus Kick-Ass 2 releases new viral videos, Stephen King's has a message for book fans watching Under the Dome, and Optimus Prime has a bad day in Transformers 4.… » 7/01/13 6:00am 7/01/13 6:00am

New trailer for Simon Pegg's beer-soaked apocalypse The World's End

Get a better look at the evil soul-sucking baddies Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright are teaming up to fight in their new apocalypse comedy The World's End. This will be the finale to the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, and while we haven't even seen the movie yet, we already miss this trio. Hopefully the… » 5/22/13 8:45am 5/22/13 8:45am

A secret villain in The Dark Knight Rises is confirmed in the weirdest…

We've long known that Bane and Catwoman would be in The Dark Knight Rises, but there's been intense speculation about another classic Batman villain making an appearance. Now we finally have confirmation... all because an eight-year-old refused to go bald. » 12/12/11 6:00am 12/12/11 6:00am

The Powers TV show finds its Deena Pilgrim. Plus Vincenzo Natali…

Darren Aronofosky is making a Noah's Ark movie, but that doesn't mean he's making a religious film. We try to sort out what's going on with Doctor Who. Plus a new behind-the-scenes look at Cowboys & Aliens! » 6/21/11 6:00am 6/21/11 6:00am

Chris Hemsworth explains what it takes to play Thor. Plus the first…

Paramount has released the first official description for J.J. Abrams's mysterious project Super 8. Chris Hemsworth explains the responsibility of playing Thor, while the Robocop reboot gets a screenwriter. Plus updates on Fringe, Doctor Who, True Blood, Chuck, and more! » 3/11/11 6:00am 3/11/11 6:00am