Brimstone And Treacle Was Banned For 11 Years, But Now It's Back

Dennis Potter was frequently a controversial writer — but his TV play Brimstone and Treacle is possibly his nastiest work. Banned for over 10 years by the BBC, this play about a suburban family who gets the perfect houseguest (who is probably Satan) is just horrible. And kind of insane. See for yourself. »6/08/15 9:00pm6/08/15 9:00pm

Original Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Cast Reunites For One Show

There have been many versions of Douglas Adams' classic comic space opera, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy — but the original cast of the radio show, many of whom crossed over to the TV version, have a special place in our hearts. And now, they're back together again, and you can hear for yourself. »3/30/14 8:00pm3/30/14 8:00pm

The Swedish Prime Minister's science fiction novel becomes a hit play

You can't buy The Sleeping People by Fredrik Reinfeldt in a bookstore. The dystopian science fiction novel by Sweden's current prime minister isn't in libraries. But Reinfeldt's novel about the welfare state gone amuck is available on the Internet, and now it's been turned into a stage play that sells out every show. »9/13/13 2:33pm9/13/13 2:33pm

In the play "Hearts like Fists," Watchmen meets Charlie's Angels

An evil Doctor is terrorizing the city, creeping through windows to murder blissful lovers in the night. A group of lady-vigilantes, the Crimestoppers – an unholy mating of Charlie's Angels and the Watchmen – have sworn to stop him. In "Hearts Like Fists," which played earlier this month at the Secret Theatre in New… »12/17/12 2:55pm12/17/12 2:55pm