The first splatter movies were live on stage a hundred years ago [NSFW]

Six nights a week and every Sunday afternoon, theater-goers in Paris were treated to an hour’s-worth of gore, beheadings, torture and disembowelment. The effects were so explicit and so realistic that a house physician was always on stand-by duty, ready to administer a dose of brandy to the faint-hearted. Warning:… »5/06/13 1:42pm5/06/13 1:42pm

Watch as robots and androids portray themselves in this futuristic stage show

What better way to portray robots and androids on stage than by having actual robots and androids perform their own parts? Such is the thinking behind the Japanese Robot Theater Project. The troupe's latest productions, "Sayonara" and "I, Worker," feature robots that interact with live performers right on stage. And… »2/14/13 11:20am2/14/13 11:20am