The Accidental Detective Who Became A National Hero (And A Movie Star)

In 1966, England was ramping up to host the World Cup — which it would eventually win. But months before any players set foot on the field, the iconic gold Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from its well-guarded display case. A week later, it was recovered ... with a little help from a four-legged Londoner. »6/19/15 4:20pm6/19/15 4:20pm


Nudists Accused Of Illegally Diverting Water To Resort During Drought

If you need evidence that the California drought has severely impacted outdoor recreation in the state, look no further than Lupin Lodge — a clothing-optional resort that would no doubt prefer keeping prying eyes out of its business, and yet made headlines this week when its owners were accused of water theft. »6/16/15 3:40pm6/16/15 3:40pm

True Crime Legend Ann Rule May Have Been Robbed By Her Own Sons

Prolific author Ann Rule has written some of true crime’s best-selling classics, including Ted Bundy tome The Stranger Beside Me, inspired by her friendship with Bundy long before his serial-killing ways were known. She’s now 83, in not-great health, and is apparently being ripped off by two of her own sons. »4/23/15 3:40pm4/23/15 3:40pm

Archaeologist suing makers of Indiana Jones, claiming their Crystal Skull is too accurate

Can a fantastical movie be too historically accurate? Dr. Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize, has filed suit against Lucasfilm and Paramount Pictures claiming that the prop skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull bears a striking resemblance to one of the "real" Crystal… »12/09/12 8:00pm12/09/12 8:00pm