Japan's New Attack On Titan Theme Park Exhibit Looks Completely Insane

Are you 1) heading to Japan in the next few months, 2) an Attack on Titan fan and 3) not utterly freaked out by the above picture? If you said yes to all three questions, then you might consider stopping by Universal Studios Japan for an Attack on Titan-themed attraction that will blow your tiny, non-Titan-sized mind. » 12/31/14 12:30pm 12/31/14 12:30pm

The New Star Wars Theme Park Rides Will Be Based on The Force Awakens

Sad days for those hoping that Disney would be making more attractions in the vein of Star Tours, allowing visitors to leap into the world of the original trilogy (let's be honest — no one's upset about the lack of prequel rides). Nothing new will make it into the Disney parks that isn't related to new films. » 12/11/14 3:00am 12/11/14 3:00am

Rare Video Of People Actually Riding Action Park's Infamous Water Slide

No theme park has generated more urban legends—and more confusion about the line between myth and actual, horrible reality—than Action Park, the late, lamented (and since semi-resurrected) water park in northern New Jersey. And no ride has been the subject of more rumors than the Cannonball Loop. » 4/16/14 5:53pm 4/16/14 5:53pm

Universal appears to be thinking about Middle-Earth: The Theme Park

Rumors around the Infotainment Supernetway indicate that Universal is looking into adding a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit-inspired section to their Universal Studios theme parks, which would instantly be the new nerdiest place on Earth. Supposedly talks are far enough along that the Tolkien Estate people have already… » 1/04/13 3:00pm 1/04/13 3:00pm

Disney World builds a giant, fire-breathing dragon that can FLY

This might be the most amazing thing we've seen all month. In celebration of the brand new Fantasyland expansion, Disney World constructed a life-size, fire-breathing dragon and flew it around the Magic Kingdom. The nighttime video is chill-inducing, as the giant, winged beast spits fire through the sky. Check out… » 12/12/12 7:49am 12/12/12 7:49am

Disney is populating their theme parks with robots that can THROW…

Disney is hard at work bringing about the Robopocalypse. Behold the throwing bots, the brand-new batch of robots Disney can't wait to unleash into their parks. This new line of androids can throw a ball back and forth with a human guest and even juggle! Disney hopes they'll raise theme park audience participation to… » 11/26/12 9:30am 11/26/12 9:30am