They Might Be Giants sing the praises of nanobots in "Nanobots"

First of all, NEW THEY MIGHT BE GIANT SONG. Second, it's pretty damn good. Third, IT'S ABOUT NANOBOTS. Fourth, the video is amaaaaaazing. Fifth. WATCH IT. Sixth, NOW. END OF MESSAGE. » 4/12/13 12:40pm 4/12/13 12:40pm

What do Istanbul and Deep Space Nine have in common?

Well, I'll tell you. Istanbul and Deep Space Nine have two things in common: 1) they both have alternate names — in Istanbul's case, it used to be called Constantinople, while in Deep Space Nine's case, it originally happened to be called Terok Nor — and 2) they both have songs about these name changes, the first… » 1/02/13 10:35am 1/02/13 10:35am

Dancing Dino Bones and Electric Cars from They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants' latest DVD album Here Comes Science explains scientific concepts in a kid-friendly way. Check out videos about paleontology, alternative energy, and the periodic table of elements. » 9/08/09 2:00pm 9/08/09 2:00pm