We Would Rather Do Anything Than Sit And Think for 15 Minutes

A series of studies, published in the most recent issue of Science, had students ranking sitting in silence and thinking below almost everything else, including self-administering electric shocks. » 7/07/14 3:15am 7/07/14 3:15am

How Your Mistakes Can Make You a More Rational Person

As humans we make mistakes all the time, but we don't often recognize them for what they are: setbacks that are begging to be recognized as useful lessons. Here are some amazing brain hacks that help you learn from your screw-ups and become more rational. » 11/21/13 11:20am 11/21/13 11:20am

Why Intuition Makes People More Likely to Believe in God

The nature of faith is often a thorny topic for psychology and other sciences to grapple with, but a new study indicates a powerful link between how we think and what we believe. It all goes back to intuition. » 9/20/11 4:09pm 9/20/11 4:09pm