Tesla gets his revenge on Thomas Edison through the "power" of rap

Epic Rap Battles of History has finally gotten around to the most important scientific feud of all time. I was afraid Edison's savvy business sense and promotional skills would lead him to having the doper rhymes, but I feel like Tesla really pulled it out at the end. Oh, if only the real Tesla had been so lucky! » 3/12/13 11:30am 3/12/13 11:30am

Thomas Edison's lengthy to-do list called for phonographic clocks and ink for the blind

Thomas Edison may not be everyone's favorite inventor, but it's hard to argue that he wasn't always working, trying to figure out what the next engineering innovations would be. These excerpts from a 1888 to-do list offer some insight into Edison's ideas for the next big thing. » 6/03/12 10:15am 6/03/12 10:15am

One of the earliest films was a boxing match between cats

Here's some more fodder for your retro feline obsession. One of the earliest short films ever recorded was a boxing match between cats shot in July 1894 by Thomas Edison and his motion picture technicians. And according to a synopsis of this narrative tour de force, boxing was the least of the cats' worries: » 5/22/12 6:40am 5/22/12 6:40am

One of the best tributes to Nikola Tesla we've ever read

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant (if sometimes misunderstood) scientist, tinkerer and genius. Thomas Edison was kind of an exploitative creep. You may already know these things, but The Oatmeal's Matt Inman really drives both points home in his latest webcomic, and does so with the twisted mix of hilarious visual aid and… » 5/17/12 9:10am 5/17/12 9:10am

Watch the first kiss in the history of cinema, filmed by Thomas Edison

In 1896, the famed inventor, futurist, and elephant electrocution archivist made history yet again by recording the first kiss in cinema history. This clip, which featured a mustachioed fellow leering over Canadian actress Mae Irwin, was considered scandalous at the time, but Edison was no stranger to courting… » 1/20/12 8:00am 1/20/12 8:00am