10 Science Fiction Authors Whose Books Just Kept Getting Stranger

A lot of authors tend to become more conventional over time. They get more mainstream cred, mellow out, and sand the rough edges off their work. But some of science fiction's most famous authors have just kept pushing the limits of storytelling. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy authors whose books only got… » 10/13/14 11:25am 10/13/14 11:25am

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Who Lived Abroad

Science fiction and fantasy are all about reaching beyond the horizon — so it's not surprising that many of the greatest speculative fiction authors have broadened their own horizons. And you can see it in their writing, because the experience of negotiating a very different culture and learning another language… » 6/21/12 3:23pm 6/21/12 3:23pm

The original pilot script for television's most famous disaster, the…

It should have been the greatest television show ever: conceived by Harlan Ellison, with science advisor Ben Bova and scripts by Dick, Le Guin, Herbert and Van Vogt. A new comic based on The Starlost shows what could have been. » 8/18/10 12:00pm 8/18/10 12:00pm

William Gibson reveals his favorite science fiction novels of all time

William Gibson shares his dearest science fiction novels with New York Magazine. The best is his blurb for Samuel R. Delany's Dhalgren. "It won't work unless you can allow it to become your head for a few weeks." [via DisInfo] » 5/31/10 3:00pm 5/31/10 3:00pm

Thomas M. Disch Predicted The Rise Of Sarah Palin

Philip K. Dick predicted virtual reality. But his close contemporary, Thomas M. Disch, predicted Sarah Palin. Writer David Auerbach explores Disch's fascination with the apocalyptic heart of America.

I. Disch, His Time, Our Time
» 5/03/10 1:34pm 5/03/10 1:34pm

12 Unfinished SF Novels We Wish We Could Read

Of all the alternate worlds we're dying to visit, the greatest is that mythical room containing every book that was never written. Here are the dozen unfinished novels by science fiction's greatest authors, that we wish we could read. » 10/23/09 6:39pm 10/23/09 6:39pm

Cosmocopia » 10/14/08 10:39am 10/14/08 10:39am author Paul Di Filippo launched a new column at Barnes & Nobel's website today, and his first column is a memorial of Thomas M. Disch. Di Filippo does a great job putting Disch's life and work into context and puts the late author on a footing with novelist Evelyn Waugh, where he belongs. Well worth…

The Last Interview of Thomas M. Disch

I have been alternating between sadness and screaming FUCK! really loudly for the past 24 hours since hearing that brilliant, angry writer Thomas M. Disch killed himself on July 4. He was the author of some of the creepiest, most amazing SF-themed social satires I have ever read. I still get the crawlies when I think… » 7/07/08 3:37pm 7/07/08 3:37pm