Scrapped Thundercats test footage reveals a goofball Lion-O and the…

Test footage from the upcoming Thundercats series has leaked. Check out a less than regal Lion-O messing around with the Sword of Omens and an ambush from the villainous Slithe. Between this footage and the series' Pokémony take on the once loquacious Snarf, how are you feeling about this? UPDATE: It looks like this… » 2/12/11 12:49pm 2/12/11 12:49pm

A new ThunderCats series is coming in 2011. Rowr.

Warner Bros. Animation is teaming with the Japanese animation house behind Batman: Gotham Knights and The Animatrix to dust off ol' Lion-O and his refugee clan from Thundera for a new Cartoon Network series. » 6/02/10 9:24am 6/02/10 9:24am