Tropical Regions Are Getting Wetter Thanks To Bigger Thunderstorms 

Climate scientists are reporting that increasing rainfall in the world's warmest and wettest regions are being fueled by a recent surge in large, well-organized thunderstorms. » 3/27/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm

Near-Record Lull in Severe Weather Could Come to an End Next Week

Even though Friday was the official start to spring, severe weather season across the U.S. typically ramps up much earlier. This year, however, has been quiet. Extremely quiet. In fact, we're on track to see the quietest start to the year we've ever recorded. That's probably going to change pretty soon.… » 3/22/15 6:11pm 3/22/15 6:11pm

Explaining Microbursts, One of Nature's Most Dangerous Wind Storms

A major wind event known as a "microburst" leveled thousands of trees in Easthampton, Massachusetts this morning. Microbursts can create more damage than a weak tornado, and they're responsible for many lethal airplane crashes. What is a microburst and how do they form? » 10/09/14 3:03am 10/09/14 3:03am

The ISS Has an Instrument Specifically Designed to Study Lightning

It's called the Firestation, and it's designed, in part, to study what comes out of the top of thunderstorms. Mika McKinnon has the details below. » 3/23/14 6:02pm 3/23/14 6:02pm

What Is a Derecho? (Hint: It's a Highly Destructive Force of Nature)

You're in the middle of a midwestern field right now. You feel a warm breeze gathering. Then wall of clouds starts heading in your direction. The wind gets stronger. Then a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere. » 7/12/11 3:32pm 7/12/11 3:32pm