Your chance to ask V/H/S and Innkeepers director Ti West anything you want about horror cinema

Ti West scared our pants off with House of the Devil and Innkeepers. Now he's one of the cutting-edge directors behind the new horror anthology film V/H/S, directing the terrifying segment "Second Honeymoon." He'll be here at noon to answer all of your questions about V/H/S and about horror cinema in general. »9/22/12 2:00pm9/22/12 2:00pm


The Innkeepers is a movie that knows the scariest thing is a creepy sound

Most people cover their eyes during horror movies, which is why The Innkeepers may be one of the scariest movies you've seen in a while. In this flick, the terror creeps in through sound. It's the story of two slackers who work at The Yankee Pedlar, an old Connecticut hotel that's about to close, and their quest to… »2/01/12 7:03pm2/01/12 7:03pm