The 4th Wizard of Oz TV adaptation, Dorothy Must Die, is the weirdest

You guys there are TOO MANY Wizard of Oz adaptations running around. Too many. This is the fourth and it's all about how Dorothy has decided to rule over Oz like some sort of fascist dictator, who must be killed. Huh? » 9/09/13 1:36pm 9/09/13 1:36pm

Touch No Longer The Worst Show on Television

After last week's disaster, Touch really had nowhere to go but up. And yesterday's episode was a definite improvement, reining in the hokey coincidences and hinting at a way to turn its themes of interconnectivity into a mildly interesting show. » 3/30/12 6:30am 3/30/12 6:30am

Last night's Touch may just be the most ludicrous thing I've ever seen

When Touch premiered in January, I wondered how the pilot's interlocking, coincidence- and contrivance-driven formula could possibly support a weekly series. Well, if last night's big bag of ridiculousness is anything to go by, it can't. It really, really can't. » 3/23/12 11:36am 3/23/12 11:36am

On Touch, math and total bullshit reveal the secrets of the universe

Last night, Fox aired a preview of its new series Touch, which kicks off properly in March. What we saw was a just barely decent show about connectivity, fate, lost cellphones, and the mysterious, mystical powers of numbers. » 1/26/12 10:20am 1/26/12 10:20am

Why do we want autistic kids to have superpowers?

Tonight sees the launch of Touch, Kiefer Sutherland's show about a father whose non-neurotypical son turns out to be able to predict future events. This comes on the heels of Alphas, which also gave us Gary, another person who appears to be on the autism spectrum but who has the ability to see hidden energies. And the… » 1/25/12 11:21am 1/25/12 11:21am

Watch the first Trailer for Fox's Touch, in which Kiefer Sutherland's…

Check out the first trailer for Fox's spring drama series about Kiefer Sutherland and his special little boy. Turns out Sutherland's child, who doesn't communicate and climbs cell phone towers, can see the present, past and future all at once. And now it's up to Kiefer to decipher his kid's coded message — which is… » 10/07/11 6:30am 10/07/11 6:30am

More Details on Kiefer Sutherland's "Autistic Super-Kid" Show from the…

Now that we know Kiefer Sutherland's going to be starring in Tim Kring's new show, Touch, people are starting to wonder what it's about. And the first details are starting to leak out. » 3/03/11 8:30am 3/03/11 8:30am

5 reasons you should check out this book trailer from the creator of…

Tim Kring created Heroes, the show that blew our minds for one season, then tried our patience for three more. And now his long-awaited book project Shift is coming out. Here are five reasons you should watch the book trailer. » 7/30/10 9:30am 7/30/10 9:30am

Heroes Might Get a Two-Hour Movie Finale

Word on the street is that NBC is approaching the producers of their recently canceled superheroic drama about some kind of closure event, a climactic good-bye movie. Should they even bother? » 5/17/10 6:20am 5/17/10 6:20am

Does III Mean An End To Heroes?

Production Weekly is reporting that Tim Kring is working on a new series for NBC, whose working title is III, about alternate world war. Does this mean that Heroes has gone to the great cathode ray tube in the sky? » 2/06/10 7:00am 2/06/10 7:00am

Despite Rumors, Heroes Fly To San Diego

As much as I hate to disappoint Meredith, fans of NBC's Heroes who happen to be attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con should keep their Saturday afternoon free - Turns out that there will be a Heroes panel after all. » 6/20/09 3:00pm 6/20/09 3:00pm

Did The Internet Save Heroes?

Call it internet irony; for a show that attracts so much snark, criticism and hatred on the web, was NBC's Heroes saved from cancellation because of its online popularity? Possibly. You're all to blame. » 3/15/09 8:00am 3/15/09 8:00am

Heroes Creator Finds New Way To Insult Viewers' Intelligence

Tim Kring, creator of NBC's Heroes » 11/24/08 8:00am 11/24/08 8:00am has found the culprit for the super-mutant soap opera's problems — its most loyal viewers. In an interview, Kring called viewers who watch the show live "saps" and "dipshits." Strong (and sort of weird-uncle-ish) words, but Kring was grappling to explain a change in viewing habits…

Heroes' Kring Avoids Time Travel To Return To The Show's Roots

Hope is just around the corner for those of us burned out on time travel plots in NBC's Heroes » 11/20/08 6:30am 11/20/08 6:30am, according to the show's creator Tim Kring. Talking to an audience of screenwriters and press at last weekend's Screenwriters Expo in LA, Kring explained why the show won't have that plot crutch to rely on for much longer,…

Has Firing Loeb And Alexander Saved Heroes?

So now we know that NBC is paying attention to all the complaints about the direction of Heroes » 11/04/08 11:40am 11/04/08 11:40am, and has . Now they're rumored to be considering . But what changes - if any - will the loss of Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander bring to the superhero soap? And are they the right changes to save the show from itself?We…

EW Dooms Heroes By Offering To Help Save It

The super-powered soap opera Heroes » 10/23/08 12:30pm 10/23/08 12:30pm has been in danger for so long, it's starting to look bad. First, the slow-moving second season was such a flop that creator Tim Kring apologized. And now, the new fast-paced third season has been losing viewers and annoying fans. But the show's problems have reached a new level of…

Heroes' Kring: Season Two Wasn't As Bad As You Think

As NBC's superheroic drama prepares to return for its third season, creator Tim Kring is trying to remind people that its second wasn't the disaster that so many people seem to remember it as. Talking to the Official Heroes Magazine, Kring said, "You can't really plan for the audience's reaction to things and one of… » 9/19/08 3:30pm 9/19/08 3:30pm

NBC's Heroes To Become Fugitives

They've gone from "Genesis," through "Generations," but for the second half of their third season, NBC's Heroes » 8/25/08 6:30am 8/25/08 6:30am are going to go from being "Villains" to being "Fugitives." Or, at least, that's what show creator Tim Kring let slip while talking at the Edinburgh TV Festival this weekend.According to Kring, the…

A 40-Year Acid Trip, From Literary Axe-Man And Heroes Creator

A collaboration so unlikely, it could have come from alternate history: Tim Kring, creator of TV's Heroes, is teaming up with Dale Peck, the literary author and critic best known for calling Rick Moody the worst writer of his generation. Their trilogy will be an alternate history/science fiction story that starts in… » 4/10/08 1:24pm 4/10/08 1:24pm

'Heroes' Web Comic-Palooza For Three More Months

Heroes 360 is a lot more than your basic network half-assed attempt at a web presence for a show. This site for NBC's mutant soap opera is packed with original content like Heroes web comics, blogs, stories, and interviews. New stuff goes up every week, and this is only going to happen more now that the writer's… » 12/28/07 10:00am 12/28/07 10:00am