I've Seen the Worst Memes of My Generation Destroyed by Madness

Cultural critic Evgeny Morozov has just written the essay equivalent of The Social Network. "The Meme Hustlers," published yesterday in The Baffler, is a fictional-but-true account of a well-known Silicon Valley figure, O'Reilly Books publisher Tim O'Reilly. It's also a story about the future that Silicon Valley… »4/02/13 3:16pm4/02/13 3:16pm


Could book publishing suffer the same fate as the comic book industry?

As Amazon.com's dominance grows, we're only just starting to see the shape of how different the publishing industry is going to look in another five or ten years. And web developer Baldur Bjarnason has a scary thought: if the e-book revolution and the rise of Amazon succeed in chipping away at the web of bookstores… »4/16/12 10:20am4/16/12 10:20am

Computers can accelerate our collective intelligence to an unheard degree — but will that be a good thing?

Over at FT.com, Tim O'Reilly has a must-read essay about the symbiosis between humans and computers. We're already propagating our knowledge and our culture at a much faster rate than in the past, he argues, and the next step is computers that can learn from "the activity of human teachers" but then notice things the… »9/26/11 7:30pm9/26/11 7:30pm